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Shed tears of horrifying pain, little one...

it's okay, you'll never know with that mascara mixed with brusies of the past

Draco Lover
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    "Time Will Change Your Heart", Blindside:
 [...] With big guns and big ambitions / Never ending arguments /  when your ammunitions is spent / With big guns you load and shoot  me down / With all those pretty words you thought out / Ready to  recent

 I hope time will change your heart / I'll be coming against words /  With something inside of me / Time will change your heart/ I will be  waiting at the doorstop of love / The doors wide open for you to see...  [x]

My name is Megan. I am a fourteen year old girl with great ambitions and a lot to learn. I have figured that out on my own. Sometimes I am seen as a stupid little girl with no mind of her own, but I don't like that too much. I think I'm smart, but that's only because I am what I am. There's nothing I can do about that.

I like music and drama. I dislike sports and school.

Bands: ac/dc, aerosmith, amber pacific, ashlee simpson, atreyu, avril lavigne, behemoth, brand new, cher, evanescence, him, jesse mccartney, leann womack, martina mcbride, my chemical romance, nofx, poison, sugarcult, swimming, switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, the beatles, the bee gees, the goo goo dolls, the rasmus, the vines, three days grace, three doors down, thursday, van halen, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard

Well, that's me. Congrats. You know me a little more than some people.

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    Bisexuality is real. Get over it.

    The Great LiveJournal
    Outage of 2005

    During the outage I bought a naked woman on ebay.

    What did you do?

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