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Shed tears of horrifying pain, little one... [entries|friends|calendar]
Draco Lover

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abuot idiotic people [19 Feb 2005|11:17am]
hello to all the people who have commented on my posts about how ugly i am and how i should be kicked off the internet.


For the simple fact that I run a community that doesn't entirely base on looks. And when we say that, WE MEAN IT. I've never said to ANYONE how fucking ugly they are and how they need to be kicked off the internet. I respect people and I expect the same amount of respect in return.

So before you start posting how goddamned ugly I am, look inside yourself. You'll find you're a much uglier person than I.

And if you feel like posting about me, grow some balls and do it on a livejournal account.
Don't do it anonymously. Because then I'll just laugh at you for being such a dipshit.
6 boys like you are a dime a dozen.

new journal (again) [31 Jan 2005|04:51pm]
i got sick of this username.
so i've changed my journal for those of you who care.


i was going for herdivinebeauty, but it wouldn't let me =/

comment and add before i'll add back.
4 boys like you are a dime a dozen.

[18 Jan 2005|07:12pm]
whore your communities for me to sign up in here.
6 boys like you are a dime a dozen.

friends only [18 Jan 2005|07:11pm]
8 boys like you are a dime a dozen.

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